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Groove 24/7 features solid grooves for open minds. If you love music – many, many styles of it – you’ll appreciate that our site avoids a dedicated musical format. We’re not driven by a repetitive, predictable rotation of mainstream artists and songs. Instead, we deliver an eclectic, evolving listening environment for every reason and all seasons. We know that you, like the Groove 24/7 crew [link to About Us], have experienced great music in exciting places. We also suspect that you prefer hearing music that’s programmed and selected in a way that feels honest, organic, instinctual and intelligent. Hence, Groove 24/7.

Programming Schedule (see right)
Again, solid grooves for open minds: Prepare for all sounds electric and acoustic, and domestic and global. The musical styles of Planet Earth are proudly on display. Groove 24/7 is non-stop sound in motion, life in balance, and cool in context.

Bookmark us. Preset us. But mostly, enjoy us. However you’re tuning in, wherever you’re at, and whatever you’re doing, think of Groove 24/7 as the globally accessible destination designed for your sonic comfort and joy.

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