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Actually, we prefer to think that what you hear at Groove24/7 is not “about us,” because, really, it isn’t. The MUSIC is the star, and amidst its glow and glare, we thrive. However, for clarity’s sake, we’ll reveal that the people responsible for Groove 24/7 comprise a creative and conscious collective webcasting from lovely San Diego, California, USA. Happily, in our everyday lives, we’re employed in professions that allow us to build and rebuild, balance and beautify, and restore and re-imagine, the real and virtual spaces we inhabit. Groove 24/7 represents the musical extension of what motivates us on a daily basis—basically, the desire to be purposeful, productive and relevant.

The Groove 24/7 Team

Ideas/Inspiration:  Greg S.
Greg is lounge lizard, nightlife purveyor, and avid music fan, who spearheads his own live, work, play movement. He thought up the idea for Groove 24/7 in a dream. It was an “awesome dream” not unlike the one Lionel Richie spoke of in that song from that ‘80s movie with Baryshnikov and Hines. When he couldn’t keep the dream’s cryptic verse and vagaries to himself, he told them one-by-one to the Groove 24/7 team. Fortunately, we’re fluent in the mysterious and whimsical, and became Greg’s willing accomplices. So there you have it: Thanks to the power of one man’s waking and not-so-waking moments, Groove 24/7 came to be. Somewhere, there’s a corner of the world that waits to be entertained by Greg’s next dream.

Food/Shelter:  The Pearl Hotel
The Pearl Hotel, San Diego is the frequent host and hangout for the Groove 24/7 team. Down to Earth, Up with Style, The Pearl Hotel’s prevailing “personality” is fun, easygoing and accessible. If you’re ever in town, remember to stay and play there.

Music Consulting:  Ladies and Gentlemen, On the 1's and 2's, Keeping you in the Mood to Groove. Always fresh off the cuff. Introducing Chris LaRose AKA Leisurelarose. He's got sounds from the world around. An international stash of head-nodding tracks and vintage wax. Good music. All day. All night. 24/7 Baby!

Interactive Design:  Moises G. Aguilar
Well, somebody had to design this website, and who better to draw the short straw than this cat, a respected design and new media veteran. Actually, Mo was in on Groove 24/7 from the start and has his fingerprints all over our look and feel and every other interactive element. After all, with creative work for 16 restaurant and nightclubs under his belt, Mo certainly knows a happening scene when he sees one. And now that we’ve given him props, he’s free to pursue the love that dare not speak its name: creating, producing and directing a controversial Vegas showgirl’s extravaganza!

Content/Context:  Dex
Dex writes and people read what he writes—online, in print, on bathroom walls (hey ladies!).  It’s been that way since, literally, he wrote and Xeroxed his urban observations, and then, paid a homeless guy to distribute them to shocked passersby. It was an auspicious start indeed, but since then, he’s won journalism and Web content accolades, while also indulging his musical passion as a DJ and collector. By the way, Gilles Peterson, Louie Vega, and Blackbeard are his favorites. They’ve never heard of him.

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